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"The Plight of Izanami”

 For this piece I looked at Japanese mythology and discovered the gods of creation, Izanami and Izanagi. I chose this story because one bears a great deal of responsibility in the creative process. 

Legend has it Izanami passed away during childbirth and Izanagi, her husband, searched the underworld for her. Once he found her he tried to bring her back to earth, but because she consumed food of the underworld, she was not allowed to leave. This food is also responsible for the decomposition of Izanami’s face, which terrified her husband so much that he abandoned his wife and returned to earth. Upon his return Izanami, heartbroken, exclaimed that she would destroy 1,000 people every day as an act of revenge. Izanagi replied that he would create 1,500 in spite of Izanami's vengeance. Over the course of their decisions the dutiful responsibility Izanami & Izanagi bore for creation turned into an accountable responsibility for death. Furthermore, this all comes as the byproduct of an unanswered wish -- Izanami’s wish that her husband love her and fulfill his responsibility as a spouse.

The Plight of Izanami | by Kyle D. Jordan

  • Ink on archival Fine Art paper

    By Kyle D. Jordan

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